Saturday, May 2, 2009

A pause for reflection

I have been a bad blogger. I haven’t posted anything in a number of weeks. My little baby chicks are pretty much chickens. I wish I could tell you it’s because I have been scurrying around my gluten-free kitchen, producing wonderful treats- but I haven’t.

In the six weeks since I last blogged, I have baked a grand total of two cakes. I have eaten simple, basic gluten-free food. Pretty  stuff though: nothing that would make you want to fire up your computer to see what I’m up to.

I will continue to blog. I leave for France soon, and that will generate some wonderful things to share. I heard a story on NPR a few weeks ago talking about how I-Phones and digital cameras have changed the way the chefs look at food. We see a cool plate presentation or an interesting combination of textures, and out come the cameras. It’s sort of a have-my-(photo of)- my-cake-and-eat-it-too. When I flipped open my phone to look, and guess what- yup- over a dozen photos of plates of food.

I hope to be inspired and to share it with you soon.